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Jacob Graham at the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum

  • Aidron Duckworth Art Museum 21 Bean Road Plainfield, NH, 03781 United States (map)

Please spend the week at the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum along with Jacob Graham and his band Sound of Ceres. Graham will be presenting his music, live performances of the Creatures of Yes series and a new work written specially for the museum. These works will be performed on June 12, 14, 16 at 8pm. Come to one - come to all!!!

By the time the 20-second opening theme to any Creatures of Yes video winds down, viewers are transported to a time long gone. With inspiration from 1970s children’s programming and public access, Creatures combines vintage equipment (no faux-filters here) with handmade puppetry to create a funny, quiet, lived-in world. The videos are the brainchild of Jacob Graham (co-founder of the band The Drums), who called in while on the road touring with Sound of Ceres (he’s their visuals guy, and helped out on the album). “I have a long history with puppetry,” Graham explains. “Straight out of high school I started working at Walt Disney World as a puppeteer. Around 2005 I was invited to go to Sesame Street to do a puppeteer training workshop for a while. And while I was there they taught me the classic Sesame Street style of monitor puppetry for television.”

So, why give his puppet show such a vintage feel? Graham says, “I wanted it to be this time travel experiment. So I started buying old cameras from the ‘70s, old cathode ray tube cameras to give it that look. I started buying these old broadcast 2D processors to get it as authentic as possible.” In the end, Graham hopes to merge modern sensibilities with a classic feel. “The idea behind the whole thing is to create a show that has that old, familiar feel to it, but to have the humor be more modern, and more snappy. And also not immediate, to not have jokey jokes, but to have the humor be more subdued and a little more left of field.” 

-- Giaco Furino, Vice Magazine