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Performance: Kyoung Eun Kang - Care Package

Eomma (Mother)performance_Kyoung eun Kang.jpg

Please join us for the performance - Care Package by Kyoung Eun Kang. Kang's art practice ranges from traditional drawing and painting to performance, video, and conceptual art. Originally from South Korea, Kang currently works and lives in New York City.

I observe, watch and focus on the small, simple everyday gestures that can have a very large meaning. I try to capture the subtlety of human nature and behavior by observing situations that question how humans form bonds and attachments.

I create transitory happenings that rely simply on nothing more than my own body, people and a handful of props and objects. I often juxtapose particular Korean stones, care packages sent by my mother from Korea or other objects from my childhood and Korean culture into new environments to question what heritage, culture, and family means. I hope to raise questions about how we build and keep family bonds in a constantly changing and multicultural time and space.


-- Kyoung Eun Kang