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Tracy Spadafora - Guest Artist

Everything Underlying:  Work from the DNA and Evolve Series

September 16, 2017 - October 29, 2017

Tracy Spadafora has long worked with themes exploring the relationship of man & nature. Everything Underlying, an exhibit opening on September 16, 2017, is no exception. This show will include paintings and assemblage from both her DNA and Evolve Series and address critical issues of environmental concern: climate change and genetic food modification. In the DNA Series Spadafora uses DNA sequences to provide visual patterning and symbolic reference which are then layered on top of images that offer the viewer an open narrative.  The Evolve Series departs from the more cognitive aspects of her work and employs the organic and playful nature of wax as a medium, resulting in dramatic, mysterious and meditative landscapes.  Spadafora states, "my work suggests a dubious relationship between humanity and the environment - systems that are continually in flux as they create, destroy and reassert themselves".

Please join us in welcoming Tracy Spadafora to the Duckworth Art Museum on Saturday, September 16, 2017. A reception will be held from 3:00-6:00pm and an Artist's Talk at 4:00.