Our Mission

The mission of the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum is to preserve and make available to the public the artwork and writings of Aidron Duckworth (1920-2001), as well as to promote the appreciation, practice, and teaching of art in and around New Hampshire and surrounding communities.


Artist Statement

In the vastness of nature, life can be
seen as a brief period of awareness, during
which time we humans struggle, often
aggressively, to survive and to understand.
It is sometimes bleak, sometimes beautiful
and always mysterious and in the Arts, as in
Science, Philosphy and Religion, the mystery
is the focal point of endeavor.
As if directed by forces beyond myself
I have spent the last half-century in sculpture
drawings and paintings, reaching toward the
enigmatic nature of being. I accept that arrival
is beyond me but questioning continues to be
profoundly rewarding.
— Aidron Duckworth, 1999
Photo by  Jack Rowell

Photo by Jack Rowell