Museum History

The Aidron Duckworth Art Museum is dedicated to preserving and presenting the artworks of Aidron Duckworth, in accordance with a charitable Trust established by the artist in 1997.

The building, Meriden's former "White School", served the children of Plainfield as an elementary school from 1940 to 1972. From 1977 to 2001 it was home and studio for Aidron Duckworth, and a for a brief time his art school for adults.

Following Aidron Duckworth's death in 2001, the artworks he left in trust were sorted and catalogued, and modern galleries and storage space were created in the center of the building. The Museum opened in 2002 and two exhibitions a year have presented selections of the 1,300 artworks in the collection.

The western portion of the building, Duckworth's studio and living area is the only portion of the Museum with heat, from his woodstove. The Studio gives a sense of the artist's life, and provides a place where his writings and library of art books are available to visitors. A full-color booklet on Duckworth's art, life and ideas is for sale in the Studio and online.

Since 2008, beginning with some of Duckworth's students and colleagues, a program of Guest Artists has enriched the Museum's offerings to the community and stimulated artistic dialogue. Four changing exhibitions each year are mounted in Gallery II of the Museum. Sculpture on the Grounds from June through October is an inviting new use of the old school grounds, Duckworth's former gardens.

The Museum's exhibition season is generally May through October. The building is handicapped accessible, and admission is free. Donations are the main support of the Museum. It is our hope that presenting the works of Aidron Duckworth and today's artists in this setting will continue his challenging conversation with the world, encouraging artistic awareness and creativity.

Photo by  Jack Rowell

Photo by Jack Rowell