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Please join us for the opening reception of a site-specific, interactive sculptural collaboration TACTICS / BEING CLOSE by Lucy Pullen and Tom Butter. This work is the first collaboration between Pullen and Butter and is a kinetic sculpture located on the grounds of the museum and operated by a mechanism controlled by the viewers.

“A book moves through the trees above three planar forms. The book is open and face down, as if temporarily set aside, on a very long track. It runs above three forms that profile the city. A wheel, turned by hand, moves the book from the clearing to the woods and back again. There are places to sit, between pairs of jagged red lines that stem from New York City’s open data. This mechanism, too, is over our heads. On pause from contemporary urban life, a hand on the wheel turns the mechanism. Movements are incremental. There might be progress.”


TACTICS / BEING CLOSE will be displayed on the museum grounds June - September 8. There will be an opening reception June 22, 3pm-6pm with an artist talk at 5pm.



Please join us for the opening reception of TREE and VESSEL a group of works by Kyle Morrison exploring the relationship of traditional Bonsai practice, contemporary ceramics, and the natural world. Morrison grew up in Norwich, Vermont spending his formative years in the forests of the Green Mountains and the cow pastures of the Upper Valley. For the better part of the last 15 years Morrison has worked to hone the craft of Bonsai, moving from an interest to a hobby to a full blown obsession. Amassing a collection of tiny trees numbering into the fifties, Morrison treats each the way a doting parent might watch a child, allowing nature and the environment contribute an influence, while being sure to offer a steady hand of guidance when absolutely needed. Trees will be displayed in assemblages of collected found objects, river stones, and a group of ceramic pots made in Morrison’s studio in Richmond, Vermont.

The opening reception will be on June 22, 3pm-6pm with an artist talk at 4pm. TREE and VESSEL will run from June 22 - July 21.