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DANCE PERFORMANCE: Vermont Dance Alliance


Please join us for IN SITE, an afternoon of dance created and performed by members of Vermont Dance Alliance. VDA is a foundation for Vermont dancers and a public platform for dance in Vermont. The alliance cultivates deeper relationships between its members, and helps to foster a thriving artistic community throughout the state. VDA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supported by its membership system, which is comprised of dance artists, service partners, patrons, and sponsors, each of whom play a vital role in our ecosystem. The VDA administration supports dance artists of all genres, educates the public, and brings high quality events to the local community.


Performers: Nicole Dagesse, Jessie Owens, Danielle Tekut & Hanna Satterlee

This group of artists and improvisers meet during the beauty of Vermont's spring and summer months to explore site, landscape and movement performance throughout the state. Each venue is met with a new movement score specific to the space, weather, and people who will join the performance offering.

NICOLE DAGESSE is a Vermont native whose rural upbringing in the forests and fields is a direct inspiration for her movement style and choreographic desires. Combining her training in Modern Dance, Contact Improvisation, and Aerial Dance, Nicole is a site choreographer, teacher, and improviser. Nicole earned her BFA in Dance and BS in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In 2008 Nicole moved to Boulder, Co. to pursue an MFA in Site Dance and Somatic Practices. The rugged terrain and the endless blue skies provided the perfect opportunity to hone her voice as a site artist. Nicole began Murmurations Dance in 2013 while living in North Carolina, where she also directed the dance program at Longleaf School of the Arts. Now living in Vermont with her husband and two inspiring children, Nicole continues to direct Murmurations Dance and is Artistic Director of World Tree Yoga, teaching aerial yoga and dance in Burlington, Vt

JESSIE OWENS is a performing artist and choreographer and the founder of ERGO movement, a collaborative performance project creating candid and accessible works in Burlington, Vermont. Through her work she explores connection, individuality, duality, effort, duration, and freedom of movement. Jessie holds a B.A. in Dance from Smith College, and is the current Vice President of the Vermont Dance Alliance.

HANNA SATTERLEE creates performances and conceptual artworks through dance. Hanna holds a double BA in Dance/Psychology with a concentration in Dance Therapy from Goucher College and a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College. Hanna is the founder and director of the Vermont Dance Alliance and is as passionate for the form of dance as she is in connecting people to it.

DANIELLE TEKUT received a BA in dance from Smith College and is currently pursuing her MSW from the Smith College School for Social Work. Her work explores the narratives we hold/embody through solo, duet, and improvisation forms. She is a member of and creative collaborator within ERGO movement.

Photographs by Mike Reilly Photography